About Us

REALMINDED is a community of people breaking down stigmas, normalizing mental health, and embracing human existence through real and raw stories.💜


Fuck It, We're All Human. We are on a mission to decrease the barrier to entry for talking about and/or seeking help around mental health. To do this, it starts with our community leading the way, challenging the status quo, and breaking down stigmas one human story at a time. To us, the real value as humans and communities is what lies beneath the surface and what makes you you. Let's redefine human value and build a REALMINDED world together.💜

What Makes Us Different:

REALMINDED focuses on real stories told by you, and rewards real human stories which are not based on likes, physicality, follower count, or other ways society defines people by. There's no criteria for sharing your story other than being human. Feel the therapeutic benefit of posting while simultaneously leading the way to break down stigmas and embrace being human.😛

Join the REALMINDED community and remember... Fuck It, We're All Human💜

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