Hidden Health

Hidden Health by Joanna

"I was in an Uber this past weekend when I got into a really interesting conversation with the driver. We were talking about issues that would affect my generation and a big topic was health - but specifically mental health. It's something we all have and something that makes us all human. Yet, a lot of the time it is swept under the rug since it's invisible. Or at least invisible at times. I thought I'd share this because as a person, I want other people to know that it's okay to struggle or to not feel okay and that things will always get better. There is no shame or reason to self-judge because you are human like all of us and we are all dealing with something that the average eye can't see. This conversation got me thinking about feeling alienated, different, shameful, judged, and how all these emotions and feelings just pull us down more. Instead, let's acknowledge ourselves and others as humans, ask for help without receiving judgment, be kind to each other, and support one another. We're all human and we all have some hidden health. It's Okay To Be Human :)"