The Backdoor
This is a painting I did for my grandmother of the back porch to her home. To many people this is just a simple painting, but to my family this painting holds endless memories. As my dad once said to me “life doesn’t happen on the front porch. Life happens where your friends, family, and pets come and go. Where your kids leave and return from college. So much life happens at the back door.” As I look back at what my dad said to me when i painted this, i realized that we as humans relate to this. I’m a people pleaser. I want to make everyone around me happy and sometimes I do that at the expense of my own happiness. I like to show people around me the “front door”. The person that has it together and is always happy. The truth is, as hard as it is, i’ve learned that my true self lies in the “back door” point of view. this is Where I choose to embrace my imperfections and the parts that make me human. i think as humans we should all embrace our “back door” point of view and live life in its raw beauty, because in the end that is what makes you human.
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