The Chick-fil-A Man
One day I was at work and just stuck in the middle of a brutal week. I had been dealing with some personal and family issues and just felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and to be honest, I was very overwhelmed. My anxiety can creep up on me pretty quickly, and I easily get overwhelmed - even if what I’m overwhelmed about really doesn’t matter. Anyways, it was one of those days where my anxiety was in full swing, I couldn’t really concentrate on work, and I just wished I could catch a break. With financial stress as well, I probably shouldn’t have been spending money… but I figured maybe some Chick-fil-A, which I hadn’t had in forever could could brighten my day up, so I went. Like most people there, I kept my head down, wanted to order as quickly as possible, and get the hell out of there. Yes - I also have social anxiety, so being in crowded restaurants overwhelms me as well :). When it was my turn to order, the server had the largest grin on his face and asked me how my day was going. To be straightforward, I thought in my head, “well shit, now I have to actually talk with this guy.” He continued to talk with the largest smile and although I can’t remember everything he said, he told me “it’s a beautiful day” and when I asked him how he was he said, “I’m just blessed to see another day and be in front of great people.” I guess he could read my body language, but for some reason the way he was speaking was starting to impact my mood. When he handed me my food, and I told him thank you, he didn’t say “my pleasure,” but said “It’s my pleasure, now go and enjoy this beautiful day.” Once back at the office, I couldn’t stop thinking and playing the conversation over again in my head. The way the server spoke, smiled, and phrased his words really impacted me. It got me thinking a little bit about perspective and just how crazy it is that one person like that could actually inspire and impact my day and quite possibly my outlook for the rest of the week. I guess the thing is everyone is just like me and they are going to have shitty days, and shitty times, but there are also people who may be having great days or even faking it, but regardless those people can really make someones day. My thoughts get a little jumbled around this day, but I still can’t forget the way it made me feel. Hopefully I can have the same impact on someone else, because what the way that man change my day and week was special.
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