A few years ago I went on a mission trip to Sendai, Japan to help with Tsunami Relief. It was my first time travelling out of the US and I didnt have my family with me. When I was there we met a man who had lost his entire family in the 2011 tsunami and was left with his 8 dogs. his entire home had been taken over by the dogs and he was sleeping on a dirty mattress on the floor. the church that we stayed at checked in on the man once a week to make sure that he was okay and had food to eat as almost everything he had, he gave to his only family left, his dogs. when i visited we walked the dogs, gave them baths, and talked to the man about not only god but also just how he was doing. the japanese culture is known to be very cold and the people there rarely talk about their feelings, even with their family. we saw this man break down to us and weep about how hard his life had been for the past several years and that he was so thankful that the church always came to check in on him. i admired this man for his willingness to share his feelings even when he had grown up in a world that never allowed him to tell others how he was feeling. I don't know why i shared this story really, but i always find myself thinking about that man and his dogs. I wonder if he's happier now and if the church still visits him. if i could do anything i would go back to Sendai and talk to that man again and again. i learned from him to always check in on friends and even people you don't know too well, to just be a kind face to others. what being human means to me is being able to share it with others, no matter how sad or dark, and finding those that you can break down to that will help you up and make your days a little bit brighter. find those people and nourish those relationships forever.
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